The Shades of Grey

— Gowher & Sadiya

A boy in his early teens was looking for us; touching the chairs with his finger tips. We tried to dodge, tightly holding our cameras and making no sounds but ultimately he found us in a corner of his classroom. Shiv Kumar has no vision and is enrolled in Blind Relief Association School for past six years. Our attempt to understand the world of children like Shiv Kumar took us into their lives. Through this photographic journey we encountered many challenges and experienced a world hidden to us till now. Though these people will not be able to access these images but it definitely made an impact in our perception of their world.

Yash Chowdhary, is a Sixth Standard Student at Blind Relief Association School from seven years. Yash says he likes coming to school. I can play and enjoy here. At home my brothers watch TV and play among themselves. I cannot understand what they do. Yash is not only child who feels comfort at the school among his friends. Many of these children are comfortable in this environment. Here every step, every touch and every sound is familiar to them. It is the world where they feel compassion and sense of togetherness.

Children sense their environment with their hands. Some of them make sounds with hands to make each other aware

gathering before morning assembly prayer

Muneesh(left),with his friend in lighter moments. These children live with particular groups and friends

Kids sitting as some of their mates play during a break time

Sunil reading from a brail textbook. Many of these books are mere translations of regular textbooks and contain information like “see picture no….”

A moment after finishing the day’s play

A lonely child with his walking stick. The walking stick is helpful for these children in many ways.

Two friends enjoying a swing ride as their walking sticks lie beside

Friends walking together. Children touch walls to sense the directions

Each kid is bonded to one another. Often they move with a friend or in a group

An isolated boy in a hostel room, while his friends enjoying the each others presence

Sachin and Shiv Kumar second standard students are friends from 3 years

Brail scripture helps children to read texts

Gaurav Kumar, class second student was curious to know why we are clicking the pictures and whether their pictures will be shown on TV

Rahul likes to read and says though his exams are over yet he comes to search for good books

A view of students in the hostel room after the lunch break

A child sitting in the assembly hall just before the morning prayers

Children play a specially designed game with their hands being the only means to keep the score

Little boys share a moment of joy as they engage in a tickling match

A silhouette of a kid walking down an empty corridor

A photograph by a partially blind child of his friends


~ by Fotoramus on April 25, 2010.

5 Responses to “The Shades of Grey”

  1. Great Work… Keep It Up 🙂

  2. you r a special person and u help the special people in this world.. that is wonderful …keep up the good work..

  3. I like to share understanding that I’ve accrued through the yr to help improve team efficiency.

  4. I have an enthusiastic synthetic vision just for details
    and may foresee issues just before these people happen.

  5. Hi…My Name is Zan ZNX Hussain. I have composed a music piece called “The Blind Child’s Dream” . I happened to see a little child 2 days ago and i was really moved and i sat all day wondering how blessed i am and what the little child’s dreams would be like….as he hasnt seen anything in his life yet. And I sat down with pain whilst composing this track. There is an image of a little boy sitting with his heads down with a walking stick. If the image belongs to you, do i have your permission to borrow it. I can give your site all due credits for the image. Thanks. Zan.

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