The Bandhani People

Bandhani is a way of life for the people living in the quiet outskirts of Jaipur. In a place called Sanganer, you get a glimpse of the tie and dye culture in a way that makes the million points of colours personal and alive.

The Muslim Khatri community originated the making of bandhani and this tradition has been passed on from generation to generation to the present day. A simple yet painstaking process, it is made by tying tiny knots and resist-dyed to form beautiful patterns on clothes. The tying and dying work which continues for days is carried out in the quite of homes; in dimly-lit rooms while catching up on the latest programs on T.V., on a balcony, or an open space in the house, with children running carefree as the grownups go about their work tying lengthy rolls of cloths into uniform sections in preparation for the bandhani work.

Once the orders for the products come, it is work-time for the pockets of families living on this centuries old tie-dye technique that is unique to India. The monotony of the routine is alternated with the period after work when they rest till the next order comes from the market, which is often enough. As their lives revolve around the craft, there are traces everywhere – of colors, threads, the unique bandhani patterns; people working on them, wearing them, being adorned in homes, in shops in elaborate displays or simply left lying around as its lifespan wears out.

Whatever it is made or used for, it is a lifestyle that the people here embrace with pride and dedication, as bandhani is weaved through generations of families and centuries of time.

Gaigongmei Gangmei


~ by thegai on January 21, 2010.

7 Responses to “The Bandhani People”

  1. Very nice use of colors…would have liked to see more pictures on how they are made…especially the little million dots that are tied and how they are undone..overall very good eye..:) best of luck

  2. Thanks Charu! I totally agree with you. I was lost when I landed there in Jaipur, and the bandhani people didnt have any tie and dye orders to work on in the four days we were there so… Anyhow no excuse! Will work for a more well rounded story in the future:)

  3. i totally understand that…because its sometimes difficult for things to coincide with the shoot dates..but very good effort 🙂

  4. Always appreciate ur feedbacks Charu! Thanks again:)

  5. Always appreciate ur honest opinions Charu! Thanks again:)

  6. i love it~ it’s helpful to study india tranditional dyeing

    thank you:)

  7. Ur very welcome Song Lee:) Its nt a very well rounded story bt u get the idea! So glad u liked it! Thanks for checking in:)

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