Pop goes the coffee house!

– Kriti Gupta

The Mocha franchise opens a new coffee shop in Vasant Kunj, Delhi . But this is an outlet with a twist!

In association with BLOT, Mocha has decided to invite artist and photographers from across the world to demonstrate their artwork on the walls of the coffee shop.

This gives rise to Moch Popup Arthouse. It is a space to lounge and hang out with friends. But in addition, the customers can also enjoy the art exhibited on the walls. The art may also be purchased and the price is available on request.

This initiative takes art out of the hands of experts and critics and makes it available to the people. Similarly, it also gives space to the artist within the ordinary individual. There is no need for the participants to be professionals. It is just the creative expression of ordinary people that is exhibited. In fact, in the first call for entries, people from around 20 countries sent over 300 works of art in just 3 days.

An interesting concept which has definitely appealed to the sensibilities of its customers – Mocha Popup Arthouse is a busy, bustling cafe-cum-gallery!


~ by kritigupta on December 18, 2009.

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