Save Together, Stay Together.

India is among the top five economies, according to the World Development Indicators (WDI) 2008, but the murky facet of silver coin is marked in the WDI report itself, as it says South Asia has the maximum cases of child malnutrition and the rate of India’s child malnutrition is twice of African average.

Nearly twenty one per cent of world’s child mortality cases are in India, and malnutrition causes about 50 per cent of these deaths and world’s one-third underweight children live in India, says a UNICEF report.


Moni a seven year old underweight girl resides under the bridge of Okhla railway station. She doesn’t go to school; her mother argues if she will go to school than who will look after of three young siblings of her?

Moni’s two month old sister Radhika weight less than four kilograms, she is severe case of malnutrition. The problem of malnutrition is a curse that we must remove. Our efforts to provide every child with access to education and to improve health care services for all citizens will continue Prime Minister Man Mohan Singh addresses the nation in his Independence Day speech.

Rajjo mother of two months old Naina, grievance how she was refused two register her name in local dispensary as she had no domicile proof. People in this slum neither heard the PM’s speech nor do they know what health care services are improved.

In his speech the prime minister said, we have strengthened Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) and expanded the mid-day meal programme upto upper primary level in all districts of the country.

Don’t know the condition of SSA in remote villages of our country but at least in these unorganized slums people have no idea at all about SSA. There are hundreds of children like Moni in this slum who don’t go to school. They all, from sunrise to sunset roam around the railway tracks. In second option they collect vegetable from the near by vegetable market.

I have urged all Chief Ministers to improve and strengthen the PDS to ensure availability of essential commodities to the common man at reasonable prices Prime minister in his message to nation.

Previous year, Subodh Kanth Sahay, minister of state for food processing, told Rajya Sabha that 58,000 crore value of agricultural goods get wasted yearly. Sahay said the food wastage was primarily due to lack of post harvesting infrastructure such as cold storage facilities, transportation and apt storage facilities

People like Rajjo and Moni’s parents have no idea of PDS. Their prime concern is to be alive in any condition. Plight of these malnourished breathing innocent is worsening, as their parents neither able to feed them well nor they have access to government’s scheme like mid-day meal. They don’t hope to government for their betterment, but any positive move from government can bring a smile on their face.

By: Shariq Haider Naqvi.


~ by shariqnaqvi on October 29, 2009.

One Response to “Save Together, Stay Together.”

  1. Oh! There are Munnis who are fighting to have a place in this world. Role of government and NGOs can’t be denied but there is no substitute for self-respect. The mai-baap mentality has, somehow, refuse to die.

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