The land of Scorpions

Guinness Book of World Records mentions a person, who spent a lot of time with the most venomous insect of all—Scorpions. The person was only showing his courage, but in India in the town of Amroha– any person can pick up a scorpion on his/her palm without the slightest fear of being bitten. This may sound absurd, but it astonishes the viewer more than the reader.

Amroha was established by Raja Amarjodha in 474 BC. This miraculous town is only 134 Kms towards east of Delhi. This town became the eternal resting place for Holy Saint–Syed Husain Sharafuddin Shahvilayat–who came here on 30 June 1272 AD from Wasit a town in Iran via Multan.

When Shah Sharfuddin came and settiled at Amroha, Shah Naseeruddin Chishti, who had long been settled there and considered Amroha as his vilayat, came to know about that he had a bowl full of water sent to Sharfuddin meaning by this that Amroha – his Vilayat – was full like bowl. In reply Shah Shafuddin put a flower in that bowl filled with water meaning that though Amroha was already full, he would live in that place like that of flower in the bowl. Undeterred by the opposition of the Chishti Saint Shah Sharfuddin settled down at Amroha and adopted the title of Shah Vilayat. Even today he is called Shah Vilayat by the people of Amroha. Enraged by Sharfuddin’s intention for settlement at Amroha Naseeruddin cursed that after the death of Sharfuddin scorpions would be found around his grave. Sharfuddin retorted that those scorpions would not sting and those asses would be roaming about near the grave of Naseeruddin. `But these asses’ asserted Naseeruddin `would not dung.’


The spiritual personality of Syed Husain Sharafuddin Shahvilayat has professed to another saint–Hazrat Naseeruddin –which his shrine will have scorpions but non will bite. It is the holy word of the saint to which the scorpions obey even in the time when human beings have taken the ability of the scorpions.

His place of burial in Amroha still mesmerizes the people of all faiths as the Scorpions–a deadly venomous insect–do not bite in the vicinity of the grave. This miracle has made many people to travel to this place even from far off lands for the authenticity of the word of mouth. It is the people of this town–Naqvi–who have their family tree rooted to Syed Shahvilayat proudly boost that one can carry the scorpion out of the shrine’s vicinity with the permission of the saint for a promised time, in which the scorpion will obey his master and not harm the carrier. If the time passes by, then there is no guarantee if the same scorpion stings.

It is also said that this shrine has medicinal values especially in case of corns which has no cure till date. This area where the holy saint is resting in peace is also shared by his family members. His wife–Hazrat Kaneez Fatima urf Tahera–his son–Syed Amir Ali urf Doodha Dhari–his daughter–Bibi Bakhoi–his Grandson–Dade Raje– are some of the members of the holy family who are resting here.

Other than the miracle of scorpions not stinging in the vicinity of the shrine there is another miracle of his daughter–Bibi Bakhoi–which is till date happening and making the people to bow to these saints. It is in the autumn season that glucose pills fall from the tree which has sprouted from the grave of Bibi Bakhoi and the same dissolves in mouth instantly. Another medicinal ability of the shrine shared by Syed Amir Ali urf Doodha Dhari is to provide milk to the animal and woman alike in the time of lactation.

Many people from different walks of life, all religions, any caste visit this shrine for the blessings of this Holy Saint for their wishes to come true. Amroha has been a center of spirituality since ages attracting many till date and the crowd of people will still throng to this place.

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~ by shariqnaqvi on September 25, 2009.

3 Responses to “The land of Scorpions”

  1. Its a good story Shariq – but please do something about the images – for one, reduce the size of the scorpion photo! Also y are the thumbnails all in different sizes? Have you cropped the photographs?! Btw, I like the way ur licensing your images.

  2. love the red/green in the photos 🙂

  3. Thanks Shariq for providing true history of DADA SAHAB Hazrat Sharafuddin Shah Vilayat (RA)’s Miracles— God Bless you—–

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