Commonwealth games


The commonwealth games are scheduled for the later months of next year, but their presence can be felt everywhere you go in the city. The traffic jams in the vicinity of newly sanctioned flyovers, the spreading of metro’s tentacles all across Delhi and adjoining areas, the sprucing up of long neglected stadiums, the influx of low floor buses (ac/non-ac) that have suddenly become a common sight in the city streets, and yeah, the bed and breakfast establishments mushrooming in the city, gearing up to serve the arrival of tourists once the games are on.

And nowhere is this presence more visible than in the frantic construction taking place at the commonwealth village. Located pretty close to the Yamuna riverbed, the village is being developed along the same lines as the Asiad village was during the time of the ’82 Asian Games. Only this time around the term village is really a misnomer. The frantic construction being done in the shadow of the sprawling Akshardham temple is much grander in scale and will culminate in the development of a residential and training complex that will be at par with the best that a metropolis has to offer.

The village is being constructed over an area of 63.5 hectares under the guidance of Delhi Development Authority (DDA). It is estimated that the place can easily accommodate 8500 athletes and their supporting staff. The games village will be fully equipped with modular facilities and will be fully equipped with various training amenities including an athletic track, an indoor hall, two swimming pools and other provisional and recreational services.

A casual glance of the site gives the impression that much has yet to be done, but the official line that “everything’s on schedule” and conflicting reports in various news sources regarding the plausibility of the completion of all scheduled construction within the given period stayed put my initial plans to contrast the projected schedule with ground reality.

The stay order of the high court on the construction of the village on ecological grounds (supported by various social organizations) was overturned by the Supreme Court this July. This enabled the constructing agencies to speed up their work to make up for lost time. The work resumed with renewed vigour and express urgency.

The urgency can be noticed in the trucks that ferry in the construction material, the arthritic cranes that do the major of the digging ups, the workers who lay in the brick and the mortar, in the instructions of the contractors and engineers and the sighs of the daily labourer who wearily takes off his odd yellow headgear at the end of the day or night, depending on his shift.

Here are some of the pictures that were taken on a day at the construction sites at the village. Everyone we talked to was optimistic that the whole thing will be up before the deadline of December 2009.

– Parikshit Singhal


~ by parikshit13 on September 19, 2009.

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  1. posted as uncategorised. why?

  2. STILL UNCATEGORISED! Its a nicely written piece. I would work on the layout of the images, and caption them..

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