Jawahar, Jinnah or Jaswant: Who is right?

The truth shall prevail till the end and the person who supports it has to face the music at large. This phenomenon is and will prevail till the dooms day. But one who has the courage to support truth and the only truth has to lose much in this mortal world.

Ravana a greatest scholar of his time–who even endangered the custodians of the Heavens–is now considered to be the part of evil, only because he was on the evil path and against truth. Similarly, Jaswant Singh–considered to be the Ravana by the fanatic Muslims–suddenly emerged as one of the greatest socialist Indian of the present era.

The cost of speaking the truth resulted in expulsion of the founder member of the BJP that too not personally but through an official meeting. The winner from the Darjeeling parliamentary seat in the 2009 general election and a towering personality of the world diplomacy suddenly was pushed to the valleys of controversies.

The book—Jinnah: India Partition Independence authored by Jaswant Singh advocated that the Quaid-E-Aazam: Jinnah, Father of Pakistan: Jinnah is not the person responsible for the partition of Greater India into two states with the communal dagger but it was a diplomatic and political poison which resulted from the sallied selfish and unethical diplomacy of the first Prime Minister of India Pt. Jawaharlal Nehru and the Iron-man of India Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel. Only these two are responsible which perverted India on to the communal tracks.

For the time being and under the present political uproar in the country this book may be considered as the suicidal note by Jaswant Singh. But truth shall prevail and who knows that 60 years down line from today someone will pen in favour of Jaswant Singh portraying him to be a curtain raiser of the one-sided theory which Congress has enchanted to the Indian through a diplomatic communalism.

By :- Shariq Haider Naqvi


~ by shariqnaqvi on September 17, 2009.

One Response to “Jawahar, Jinnah or Jaswant: Who is right?”

  1. wow shariq – uv been in esteemed company 😉 i missed this one!

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