Impressions of India at 62

India is a country of great paradoxes and all that exists in between. Perhaps herein lies its uniqueness, permit me to move over the brouhaha about multicultural, multiethnic, secular et al. At 62, India is young, very young and herein lies our hope. The Great Indian Dream. Let us on this Independence Day, neither celebrate or berate, just look within. There is reason to cheer and many more reasons to reflect.

Do we ever really demand freedom?

Is there good news for everyone or just a handful?

In our bid to move forward are we leaving behind many?

Have we created boundaries which are now impossible to get rid of?

How often do we trample over the ideals on which the country was created?

Let us think over all these questions and salute the resilient spirit of a billion people.

-Niha Masih


~ by Niha on August 15, 2009.

2 Responses to “Impressions of India at 62”

  1. Lovely photos – the questions made me rethink 15th August in a more complex way – so yes – its not just about celebration, but about reflection…

  2. Super impressive ! ! !

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