Delhi’s Quiet Corners

Delhi is a bustling city – where everyone is constantly in a hurry. In a hurry to get work done. In a hurry to get out of the way.
In the midst of this chaos, a few places have created a space to stop and breathe. Tucked away in unknown corners of the city, several coffee shops and bookstores provide a quiet, quaint experience of solace. While they may not cater to a large clientele, they are happy providing their few (but loyal) customers a break from the rigmarole of the capital.


The Timeless Art Bookstore is in line with tailor shops near the Kotla-Mubarakpur Mother Dairy. In the midst of heat, crowds and noise this bookstore with its green window panes and stained glass doors is like an oasis in a desert. On entering, soulful instrumental music welcomes you, along with the cool A/C breeze and gorgeous interiors.


Books are organized on shelves based on genre – photography, travel, music, religion, fiction and so on. The range of books is impressive. And there are little corners where one can browse through the plethora of books or even squat on the floor to read one.

The atmosphere is calming. The furniture is inviting and quirky at the same time. There is a bed – where you can sit and read a book for as long as you wish as long as it doesn’t get spoiled. There is also a bike. What its purpose is…no one knows. But it adds to the mysterious charm of this little bookstore.


Raavi Sabharwal is the owner of this place. His ease and grace is reflected in his bookstore. In fact, on entering, everyone is given cool water and ample space to explore. Raavi has conceptualized the interiors with the aim to “make it homely”.

The Timeless Art Bookstore does indeed seem frozen in time. It is a must-visit for book lovers across the city.


In Shahpur Jat, on the other side of town, is a cozy little café called Cheenos. This place is a coffee shop-cum-tattoo parlour. At the entrance, there can be seen Bob Marley posters – inducing that laid back Jamaican feel. There is even a Jamaican flag hidden in a corner somewhere.


The menu consists of desserts. It goes well with the feel of the place – grungy, but homely at the same time. Wooden floors and tiny furniture and low lights are definitive in adding to the coziness of the place.

With a revolutionary red as background on a wall, the art on the surface shows different designs as possible tattoo ideas. There are also images of people with body art. This is suggestive of the dual purpose, which this tiny space serves. It is warm and inspiring, all at once.

C 31

The design on the wall done up in the colors of the Rasta – red, green and yellow – is the logo for this café and tattoo parlour. There are enough snug corners in this café to enjoy quiet conversation. Or perhaps, eat apple pie while enjoying a book.

The café is set to open on the 3rd of August. Judging by the attention to detail given to the interiors, it seems to be a delectable little café.


Such places allow you to step back from life and watch raindrops as they slowly fall from the sky. They are places where you can hide.


~ by kritigupta on August 6, 2009.

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