Photographer Of The Week: George Rodger

George Rodger (1908-1995)

One of the most prominent photojournalists of his time, George Rodger was best known for his coverage of World War II and his work on Africa. Born in Hale, Cheshire, Britain, he also co-founded Magnum photo agency with premier photographers, Henri Cartier-Bresson, Robert Capa and David Seymour.

He started work as a war correspondent for Life magazine, covering World War II. His experience while capturing images of the Nazi concentration camps changed his perspective on war journalism so drastically that he gave up his correspondence work in the magazine and left the country to document life across Africa and Asia.

Throughout his body of work, we see a contrast in his earlier photographs taken before and during the war, and post it. His photographs reveal a person who has been deeply affected and changed by what he saw, experienced and captured.

This is the quality that perhaps makes George Rodger stand out from among his peers, and this translates into his pictures, especially in his extensive work on the African tribesmen that later inspired others photographers to document themselves.


~ by Fotoramus on August 1, 2009.

3 Responses to “Photographer Of The Week: George Rodger”

  1. The photos are amazing!! Particularly the one with the spear – its very well framed 🙂 See –

  2. Thanks for the link Chitra! Saw some amazing works of Kunoan and I’m inspired to see the quality and range of work he’s done. And yes, I completely agree with you on the spear shot.
    The photograph of the two wrestlers, one carrying the other, is one of Rodger’s most famous photographs of the African tribals. Thought you’d like to know:)

  3. Wonderful photography – and the post-war circumstances of this body of work adds a poignant dimension to the series. You might be interested to know that Diemar/Noble Photography ( in London is opening a unique Rodger retrospective in a couple of weeks – see:

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